Tableau, a company acquired by Salesforce in 2019, presented a series of new features of its data analysis platform.

New developments that, together with new subscription plans, will help companies accelerate their digital transition paths, in which large-scale data analysis is essential.

According to McKinsey, 92% of companies cannot scale analytics. In addition, new data from Mulesoft and Coleman Parkes Research found that 87% of both IT and business leaders are concerned that security and governance issues are slowing down the pace of innovation.

New key features and improvements focus on:

Data management and their large-scale governance. The new features make the data challenges easier to manage and scale.

Data Prep: Tableau Prep now allows customers to automatically reduce server resource loads and costs and generate lines to map trends in data more easily.

Governance: The new features help to ensure and maintain the quality of data by alerting the customer of potential problems and providing easier visibility on the type of data available and their origin.

Centralized row level security: new features allow greater flexibility and segmentation by allowing Tableau administrators to centrally configure which users and groups have access to which data sections.

Guarantee of scalability of the analysis according to the demand for the company

Company reference architecture: the Enterprise Deployment Guidelines (EDG) provide enterprise customers with a prescriptive methodology to meet the requirements of availability, scalability and business design. EDGs are technology-independent and platform-independent and are aligned to best practices of corporate data centers.

Dynamic Scaling: This new feature helps companies to provide adequate resources for their implementation, and ensures the availability of sufficient containers during peak demand periods and their reduction during low demand periods.

Resource Management: IT teams can optimize the performance of Tableau Server by defining the limits of the application’s resources.

The new business subscription plans further simplify the purchase and use of Tableau within the organisation.

With the combination of Data Management and Server Management, business customers can purchase and distribute all the features of Tableau more easily.

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