Synthesia is a startup founded in 2017 by a group of researchers and entrepreneurs in the technology sector, focused on making it possible for anyone to create professional-looking videos in a few minutes, directly from a browser.

The mission of this young software development company that wants to upgrade the Internet video-first is to replace the cameras with the code and make all creators.

What is the way to achieve this goal? According to Synthesia, it’s the one that goes through synthetic media.

The content world is changing rapidly, the founders of Synthesia emphasize. In recent years, the term

The ability of artificial intelligence-driven systems to generate audiovisual content, therefore synthetic media, is one of the most promising and potential-rich developments in synthesia, according to Synthesia, which are enabled by recent progress in deep learning.

Up to now, video production has been costly, complex and not scalable. It requires studies, actors, cameras and post-production: it is an incredibly long and multidisciplinary process, rooted in physical space. All this could be about to change, because Synthesia wants to solve this problem.

And he intends to do so by developing an application layer that transforms the code into video and allows video content to be programmed with computers rather than recorded with cameras and microphones.

Once video production is abstracted as code, then it has all the advantages of software: endless scale, marginal costs close to zero and the possibility of being made accessible to everyone.

The startup launched its SaaS product, Synthesia Studio, which is described by the development team as the world’s first and largest platform for creating artificial intelligence-based videos.

Synthesia’s text-to-video technology allows companies to produce professional-looking videos in minutes rather than days. The platform essentially reduces the entire video production process to a single API call or just a few clicks in Synthesia’s web app.

Just choose your own artificial intelligence-generated host, write the script

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