Sygma of CoreTech opens the way to Virtual Cloud Provider

With Sygma you can govern the cloud and organize the work processes. You can manage it from a single server platform, backup, email, email storage, SMTP accounts, storage and other services.

The evolution of IT infrastructures in the cloud is a well-established need. At least, it is assumed to be so in organisations that are determined to maintain efficiency and competitiveness. Also because, in reality, on the example traced with Sygma, it is already time to look beyond, the next step marked by the Virtual Cloud Provider.

• The market is constantly changing and presents new needs • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • In particular, I am referring to the evolution of technologies throughout the whole part of the overall management of a company, where the cloud is a mandatory direction.

And it is in the broadest sense of the term, i.e. moving from the management of a limited number of services to a real support infrastructure, where all business data are collected, processed and made available, without exception. , you can no longer think of having to rely on a computer to access information , continues Carelli -. The cloud widens the range of action of a business, the very boundaries of the company. Deviating from the position and availability of instruments is in fact a necessity.

It is the philosophy on which Sygma has been developed, the fully-conceived cloud platform that allows you to administer services, users, support and permissions.

For users, however, it means freedom of access to data regardless of location and device, but also greater protection against attacks and data loss. Finally, for the channel, they are prospects of flexibility and new opportunities.

The figure of the Virtual Cloud Provider faces the market

Today this is possible thanks to a new figure framed by CoreTech. Similar to what happened in its time with virtual, fixed and mobile telephone operators, we will start to talk more and more about Virtual Cloud Provider.

A service offered in the absence of a proprietary cloud, but transparently compared to the user, presumably only interested in performance and not in the infrastructure behind it. A new opportunity for the system integrators, freeing them from the need to invest personally whenever they want to expand their range of action.

The problem is to find the right way to achieve the goal and migrate without compromising the efficiency of an organisation or unprepared staff. Before setting the pace for end-users, it is important to point out the way for partners.

Go beyond Managed Service Provider

• If a system integrator wants to keep up with the situation, he must be the first to worry about centralizing the information himself, automating the operations and integrating all the services required. Those who use dated technologies risk being in a dead end and no longer being able to meet requests

A scenario where the vision of a Managed Service Provider is likely to be already overcome. From the system integrator point of view, the evolution of the IT channel is already moving in the direction of the Cloud Service Providers, with CoreTech willing to look further, thanks to Sygma.

A difference not to be underestimated, ready to manifest itself in the possibility to automate the processes to wide range, adapting much more to the demands of the customers, where in the past it was more frequent to ask the user company to align with the seller.

♪ So many are finally overcoming the somewhat obsolete mentality of a fear related to the cloud ♪ Carelli observes -. More is thought about appreciating the advantages, even economic. To get there, however, we and our partners must be able to exploit and propose appropriate instruments.

Potential benefits are immediate and easy to guess. The line drawn by Sygma allows to get rid of all management tasks, thus diverting valuable resources towards more strategic activities.

The freedom to manage customers

The setting also makes life easier for the partner. From the activation of users and services, to the management of events, to the prompt assistance.

Like all innovative projects, it is a non-immediate message to be received, especially when the wave of automating processes in the cloud arrives before even seeing the cloud’s own drive run out. On the other hand, it is important to be ready well in advance.

• The awareness of the Sygma validity by partners is growing sharply • Carelli -. They probably only now begin to appreciate their potential and understand the cost advantage of the project.

The evolution in the meantime continues. At the centre of attention, the extension of the API management, in order to allow partners to tighten the link between their systems and the Sygma platform, overcoming any potential compatibility problem.

› We have organized the platform so that it can be useful to users of each band › From the individual professional interested in exploiting new features otherwise impossible to manage alone, to the large company to collect and control the flow of information and keep track of each activity from a single control point

If you’re curious about seeing Sygma at the opera, you just have to try it, ask for your trial now.

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