Digital transformation also needs innovative spaces and solutions to enable teams to collaborate better, and for the purpose Microsoft announced Surface Hub 2S, an all-in-one device designed for collaboration, which adds its own solutions for Wi-Fi productivity

Initially for sale in the United States from June to $8,999.99, Surface Hub 2S will arrive in Italy in summer 2019 and is bookable from May 1st (authorized dealers are Ayno and Insight).

The new member of the Surface family weighs 40% less than the previous version and has a thinner display of 60%.

Surface Hub 2S is suitable for both traditional meeting rooms and in the so-called Huddle Room, compact.

The 50-inch 4K+ multi-touch screen offers ample space for collaboration with high-resolution touch experience

In response to the needs of increasingly extensive, global and mobile teams, Surface Hub 2S has been created to give the flexibility needed to meet wherever you are and collaborate.

Why do you need Surface Hub 2S now? Elvira Carzaniga, Business Group Lead Surface of Microsoft Italia, in a note responds citing a research by Steelcase according to which 80% of employees consider teamwork essential to carry out their activities to the best. But with smart working and the proliferation of global teams, it is increasingly difficult to physically find oneself in the same room. 70% of professionals said they work remotely at least once a week and 53% said at least half of the days of the week.

The compact design, the thinner frame, together with the 4K camera, sound quality and Farfield microphone technology, serve to give a fluid collaboration experience and offer participants the impression of being in the same room.

In combination with the Roam Mobile Stand designed by Steelcase partner and thanks to the APC Charge Mobile Battery, Surface Hub 2S can be moved from one room to the next, allowing you to continue your activity on the move seamlessly

To meet any need for collaboration Microsoft has also announced the development of two new devices of the Surface Hub line.

During the year, the company will introduce Surface Hub 2 Display, dedicated to spaces that need screens that ensure an excellent touch and pen interaction, without the need for computational capabilities.

In addition, a new configuration option will be offered that allows the Surface Hub 2S customers to have Windows 10 Desktop on their devices, particularly suitable mode for specific Win 32 scenarios.

Microsoft has finally announced to be working on a new version of Surface Hub 2S with 85-inch screen, whose phase will test you start with a selection of customers at the beginning of 2020.

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