Wunderlist founder Christian Reber announced on Twitter a new project, with a new enterprise and app: Superlist, described as a powerful productivity tool for future teams.

Christian Reber doesn’t offer much details and even the Superlist site doesn’t have any previews of the interface or list of functions: only the ability to register your email to receive a notification and little more (including a list of open positions).

Wunderlist’s founder and now Superlist’s founder has only explained that the new tool will be more than just an app for to do management, for to-do lists, but it won’t be overloaded with functions to make it complicated to use,

Superlist is designed to be agile, fast and hyper-collaborative, a tool to help people or teams of any size to finish their activities in record time.

The timing of the announcement falls just (probably not by coincidence) almost at the same time as the official closing, on May 6, of the first ‘creature’ by Christian Reber, Wunderlist.

Cloud-based task management apps that are popular and appreciated by users, Wunderlist was created by Berlin’s 6Wunderkinder startup about ten years ago. In 2015 6Wunderkinder (and with her the Wunderlist app) was acquired by Microsoft, and his team had been involved in the redesign of Microsoft To Do.

To give space to To Do, at the end of last year Microsoft had officially announced what many long-term users of the app had feared for a long time: the closure of Wunderlist in 2020.

This time has now finally arrived, and on May 6 Microsoft closed Wunderlist, asking users to switch to To Do (it will be possible to import data, explains Redmond company, until June 30, 2020).

Even with Microsoft’s redesign To Do, many users still feel Wunderlist’s ‘orfani’. Christian Reber himself, again via Twitter, even asked Microsoft last year to buy Wunderlist again, regretting the closure that was already seen on the horizon for the app.

It seems that a certain space has been created for an app that fills the lack that many users still feel for Wunderlist. Although it is not known whether Superlist will resemble Wunderlist, it is reasonable to assume that it will somehow reap its legacy, at least from the point of view of design philosophy.

Among other things, Superlist is not the only project that boils in pot for Christian Reber, who is also founder and Ceo of Pitch.

Pitch is a collaborative tool for creating and distributing team presentations: it is currently in early access phase and, although not yet defined an official launch date, roll-out plans were for a final release by the

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