SuiteNext transforms general counsel into manager: the business intelligence from Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory Italy

75% of general counselors believe that big data and predictive analysis will generate the greatest impact on their activities over the next 3 years. However, only 32% know these technologies and know how to exploit them; a figure that confirms a major gap in knowledge and preparation for digital transformation technologies that even the drive to digitization accelerated by the pandemic has not been able to fill.

Without a doubt, the last twelve months have influenced and accelerated the process of digitization of companies and professionals. After an initial shock, legal professionals have been able to seize the opportunities offered by technology by addressing online hearings, by consolidating the telematic process, the spread of remote digital signatures and remote assemblies. In addition to the dizzying increase in the use of video conferencing platforms that have marked and will mark the

Technology in corporate legal offices

Within companies and public administration, general counsel plays a very responsible role and is called to influence the strategy and decision-making processes.

• Who is responsible for a legal office in a company thinks like a lawyer but acts as a manager • is the comment of Domenico Digregorio, managing director Legal & Compliance software of Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory

In this scenario, technology becomes a fundamental asset to support the delicate task of general counsel. The scope of application is numerous and varies greatly depending on the sector of belonging, ranging from the management of the risk fund and the government of the budget of legal outsourcing to contract drafting and compliance with internal policies or regulations and norms (especially in these sectors that

To manage day to day work remotely, the need for cloud solutions has grown even in the most traditional professions, a global trend that is twice-digit.

However, the use of the cloud has exacerbated the risk of cybersecurity. In fact, the global health emergency also helps, in 2020 cyber attacks have grown to triple digit. According to the 2021 ICT Security Clusit Report in Italy, the increase in cyber attacks at global level was 12% compared to 2019, 56% of attacks detected and successfully achieved had a high and critical impact.

• It follows that not all managements are equal • continue Digregorio – and it is crucial to have systems that guarantee safety to the highest market standards and can assure

Suite Next, the digital revolution in the legal field

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory – the division that develops and markets editorial solutions, software for the legal and compliance sector, services and training to professionals, companies and public administration , focuses in particular on the

In this regard, Suite Next has been developed, a solution dedicated to the legal offices of large companies and Public Administration for the digital revolution of the work of the general counsel.

The software combines the innovations already mentioned with a strong focus on the crucial needs of modern general counsel, merging the role of lawyer with that of top manager. Suite Next manages end-to-end the needs of a legal office, both in the judicial and out-of-court areas, also offering a modularity and extraordinary flexibility and adaptability to the specific needs of the customer to better meet functional expectations and investment capacity

Every need finds a dedicated functional set: management of opinions and files, tasks and workflows approved, register and vendor ratings of external lawyers, budget cap and performance review, fund risks with IAS accounting standards, business intelligence through the elaboration of dashboards for

All built in an innovative technological context with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, which requires .Zero Hours of training, cared for in every detail and that ensures the best experience of use on any PC/Mac/ device

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