Stytch is a company whose mission is to develop next generation passwordless authentication solutions.

According to the Stytch team, user experience and security have both evolved in recent decades, but authentication is blocked in the 1990s, despite being the basis of all online interactions.

Stytch firmly believes in the need to build tools and infrastructures that make it easier, faster and safer to incorporate authentication into apps and websites.

The company team is working to modernise authentication flows and create better user experiences by adopting passwordless technologies.

The traditional approach to authentication 66% of users re-use passwords on different accounts, which represents a significant security threat, increasing the chances of breach.

Stytch points out that 81% of all Internet violations are due to weak or stolen passwords. At the same time, users forget them and reset them continuously.

Also, when users forget their password, about 75 percent surrender and do not complete the recovery process. Similarly, 46% of users report This costs both companies and users time and money.

For all these reasons, the future of authentication in Stutch’s vision must be more consumer-friendly. In addition, it will provide users with the possibility to seamlessly move their data and credentials through the web, choosing the privacy settings that fit their needs.

Stytch’s intention is to build the future of authentication, both for traditional Web 2 applications and for a new generation of Web 3 applications.

The young startup was founded in 2020 but already today has more than 3,500 developers who build on the Stytch platform adding magic links via email, passcode SMS and WhatsApp, OAuth connections, one-click invitations

In addition to these passwordless core features, Stytch has attracted the attention of companies of all sizes also for the simple developer experience and flexibility offered by its API-first approach. Even some Fortune 500 companies are using this product, Stytch pointed out.

What Stytch offers is a modern application infrastructure that enables l’onboarding, authentication and engagement for its users, through the platform’s APIs.

SDKs from Stytch offer ready-to-use solutions that, through flexible templates that can be adapted to the colors, characters and logos of their brand, allow you to easily create integrated and seamless authentication and onboarding experiences, and without the difficulty of

For even greater control over the user experience of your application, you can choose the direct API integration, which considers both the developer’s and the user’s experience to ensure fast, safe and simple passwordless authentication flows.

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