Stripe provides online payment infrastructure to companies that need to manage an asset, and financial transactions, on the Internet.

The company has its headquarters in San Francisco and offices located in different continents, including Europe.

Stripe now arrives in our country and makes available its online payment platform to Italian companies. Not only is the infrastructure usable by Italian companies, but also a version with an interface is available in Italian.

It is a service dedicated to companies selling online, of various sizes: large companies, as well as SMEs and startups. Technically, the operation requires only a few lines of code to be inserted into your site. And the service allows you to implement in your ecommerce the most used types of payment in over 135 countries of the world.

With the landing in Italy, Stripe launches the complete range of software tools for the Italian market: Connect, Checkout, Billing and Radar. These tools assist entrepreneurs and developers in implementing online payments on their site, quickly and safely. They also help companies manage activities such as billing, accounting, card payments or alternative means, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, SEPA credit transfers. As well as in fraud prevention, optimization for mobile and much more.

In addition, many third-party services integrate with the platform, from email marketing services to CRM/ERP services. And, in turn, the Stripe infrastructure can also be accessed through plugins of the most popular ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Prestashop or Salesforce.

Stripe, online payments with simplicity

The Stripe platform is updated to the latest payment methods. For example, with the management of wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. And not only from a technological point of view, but also from a legislative point of view. Stripe software is already in line with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) legislation, which will become mandatory in Europe from September 2019.

The Stripe platform has been chosen by large …tech companies all over the world, such as Kickstarter, Facebook, Booking, Uber and many others. In Italy, in recent months it has already been used in version ……,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Alessandro Astone, the Italian country manager of Stripe, commented with the following words.

• From today Italian companies can integrate much more easily an infrastructure that solves with great simplicity all the major problems in the matter of payments and treasury, such as acceptance, optimization of conversion, reconciliation or PCI compliance.”

“We have a dedicated team, which will be able to support the creativity of Made in Italy to grow in new markets and to come in contact with new customers from every corner of the globe whether it is an eCommerce site, an eCommerce website, a

More information about Stripe is available on the platform website at this link.

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