Storyblok is a Content Management System (CMS) headless that provides developers with all the flexibility they need to build fast and reliable websites, while offering content creators who do not have specific code skills the possibility of

In addition, thanks to the headless approach the content can be used not only for a website, but can also be displayed on iOS and Android apps, as well as on any other platform of choice: IoT, smartwatch, viewers of

The Austrian startup was founded in 2016 and developed by Storyblok. Since the company was born, the basic concept has been to create a CMS headless that separates the logic of templates from the content, combining a visual editor with an approach to API-based content management.

The advantages of a headless CMS are highlighted by the same Storyblok. A traditional CMS is based on a monolithic architecture, i.e. the front-end and back-end are managed and linked together. Users can create and modify their contents that are saved on the back end and the CMS then shows them on the front-end display layer.

In the long term, this approach can become complicated for marketers who need flexibility to provide a comfortable and customizable experience to customers, with the publication of fast and omnichannel content, high overall page performance and an adequate level of security

Each brand and marketer wants to be as omnichannel (and omnipresent) as possible, bringing new and personalized content and a customer experience always fresh to obtain the engagement of an ever wider range

With the growing need to create unique omnichannel experiences through various touchpoints and spaces, the headless approach lends itself to content management systems (CMS, precisely) that can help brands and marketers achieve these goals

For marketing teams, a CMS headless offers the opportunity to release campaigns, messages, content and assets while maintaining high performance in creating custom omnichannel experiences for customers, without having to depend on development teams and It.

Compared to a monolithic CMS, a headless CMS is more equipped for an increasingly omnichannel world, believes Storyblok, which based on this approach offers a combination of a visual editor and highly personal components

Storyblok is growing: the platform is dedicated to companies in all sectors and currently feeds more than 60,000 projects in 130 countries, with the business customer segment growing only 6 times in 2020.

Storyblok has also recently announced that it has raised $8.5 million in new funding that will be used to invest further in the product.

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