As anticipated by a decision announced by American President Donald Trump last August, on the night between Sunday 20 and Monday 21, the app of TikTok is banned in the United States.

The decision of the US administration becomes enforceable following an implementing decree by the US Ministry of Trade, issued yesterday.

The reason for the decree is known: TikTok, and together the WeChat app, which is affected by the same inhibition measure, would be attentive to American national security by acquiring data from citizens and organizations.

A statement from the Department of Commerce refers to the collection of huge amounts of user data, including their online activity, location and online searches.

For the US Trade Minister, Wilbur Ross, TikTok and WeChat (actually ByteDance and Tencent, the social app owners) are an integral part of a civil and military system and as such are subject to mandatory cooperation.

So, following the US Ministry of Commerce’s directive, since Sunday midnight in the US, you can no longer download or update the TikTok app and the WeChat app.

The negotiations between the market and politics remain open to bring US app operations under the aegis of an American company, and they see Oracle in the front row to win TikTok.

Many points still need to be clarified, particularly those concerning the very interference of Chinese policy in the technological market.

Xi Jinping himself, to compensate for Donald Trump’s wishful thinking, seems to be not looking forward to a transfer of TikTok to an American company.

Last but not least, the primary issue of TikTok algorithms (the concrete intellectual property of ByteDance) that Chinese society, on the basis of the pressure received from Beijing, would not want to give to Oracle, is to be resolved.

Oracle’s cloud for TikTok

As a first step forward, Oracle announced that it was chosen to become TikTok’s secure cloud technology provider.

TikTok’s technical decision, as read in a note issued by Oracle, was influenced by Zoom’s success in transferring most of its video-conferencing activities to Oracle’s public cloud.

According to Oracle’s founder, Larry Ellison, @TikTok has chosen the new second generation Oracle cloud infrastructure because it is much faster, more reliable and safer than first generation technology, currently offered by all the

While Oracle’s CEO, Safra Catz, specified that

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