The guarantee of disinfection of a property could become a central requirement for the operational continuity of accommodation and commercial facilities. And if you do, you’ll need software-defined automation infrastructure.

This is evident from many factors related to the sentiment of the population, but also from concrete activities in this sense, such as the rapid decision of Italian proptech, which has developed a Protocol of cleansing and sanitising more stringent norms launched by the Regions and created

The goal, as explained by the founder Davide Scarantino and L’AD Marco Celani in a note, is thanks to our team of 100 multilingual professionals, the platform we have developed internally and allows us to book directly, and to the Italian proprietary software

Scarantino and Celani have invested over three million euros in technology and are able to manage a large number of apartments with a high rate of bookings organizing the work of dozens of people daily.

A case of automation of the hotel world, it was said, that it will have to resort more and more to software and have processes and skills that save time.

The recovery of tourism is already linked to the phenomenon of demand for information from travellers who are focusing much more on the pre-Covid phase on the characteristics of accommodation, how they are accessible and on what level of hygiene you can count on.

Among the first properties bookable with guarantee of disinfection from the first June there are single villas with swimming pool, apartments, chalets and independent solutions with dehor and outdoor green spaces between sea destinations such as Salento, Lampedusa, Sardinia with Pula or

The check-out cleaning in the apartments managed directly by Italianway are carried out following a Protocol of disinfection and sanitization that meets the provisions of the Circular Ministry 5443 and, as italinway says, provides for more stringent measures than

At each entry, the guest will find a card under the name of the cleaning company that has carried out the hygiene and disinfection and, where necessary, also a certificate of sanitization issued by the specialized company and authorised to carry out this type of treatment,

Italianway has shared the protocol with partners and franchisees. On the first photo of the ads of the real estate, both as regards the site and the other OTAs, will be affixed a watermark with the written Insatizione Guarantee to make recognizable the disinfected and sanitized houses.

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