Roberta Cocco, Councillor for Digital Transformation and Civic Services, presented the new edition of #STEMintheCity, the initiative of the City of Milan promoted in collaboration with important public and private sector realities and the support of the United Nations, to spread culture

Now in its fifth edition, and now became STEM, with the addition of Arts’ A, the initiative will take place throughout the month of April, The Month of STEM, and will culminate in the Stem Marathon on 21

There will be three areas of training during the month: Stem & Digital, Sustainability, People, and audiences cover the whole school path, from compulsory schools to universities.

Digital, already the cornerstone of the 2020 edition, continues to be the main element of the new STEMINTHECity 2021 edition, through the platform that will offer a schedule of training content, live streaming events, webinars on demand, testimonies and

STEM culture on the one hand and diversity & inclusion on the other, represent the essential basis and opportunities for the future of young people.

In particular, the initiative aims to give voice to environmental issues to demonstrate how much science and technology they can support the future of the new generations.

Hence this year’s title: Of course STEM. For a sustainable and digital future. More and more, science and technology are in fact called to provide answers to these new global themes.

To apply for your project

This year’s initiative wants to leave a physical legacy, which will be realized in planting a tree: the woods of the Stem, with Bicocca University, WeTree, Forestami. Symbolically, every class that will participate in #STEMintheCity will plant a tree.

#STEMinthecity’s Supporters’ Positions

Giovanna Iannantuoni rector State University Milano Bicocca, stresses that the future is to work on scientific research for the respect of the planet. The Vicar Proctress of the Politecnico di Milano, Donatella Sciuto, calls for a cultural change compared to the pre.pandemic, for the creation of the new generation of citizens: The recovery will take place thanks to green technologies and data science but will have to be implemented without gender differences some.

Adecco Group will provide #STEMintheCity with its own immersive digital platform that serves to measure skills and background and indicates a current level of employability, on which the person can intervene: • an initiative of social awareness •

And if for Paola Mascaro, president of Value D with the initiative STEminthecity must help the choice with a new narrative, for Annamaria Bonardo, School Director, IIS Galilei

The student Jacopo Rangone presented, a non-profit initiative that collects and distributes computer devices to families who do not have the means to support distance learning.

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