It is now in early access Squash 3, significant major update of the popular batch image compression application for Mac developed by Realmac Software.

The independent software house behind Squash also develops the perhaps most well-known web building application RapidWeaver, which, incidentally, now runs natively on Macs with Apple Silicon processors.

But let’s go back to the batch image processing app.

Lupin was launched in its 1.0 version in 2015, and the new release 3 was described by the developer as the biggest update ever for Squash.

Squash 3 for Mac requires macOS Big Sur or later: the development work lasted for over six months and the app was rewritten from scratch using all the latest Apple technologies. The entire app, said Realmac, has been rethought with a new user interface and numerous new useful features.

Squash 3 is a universal app and Realmac has pointed out that it also works with macOS Monterey, the new Mac operating system currently previewing for developers and coming for all users in autumn.

Lupin Squash 3 for Mac offers an easy way to quickly process batch images. It can perform several tasks: from scaling to conversion, from applying filters to compression and renaming.

Designed to be fast and easy to use, Squash 3 only requires you to drag the images onto the app and select what you want to do.

As for the look, the new version 3 differs from the trends of flat design in recent years and introduces a more rounded UI, with shades, gradients and fun sounds, as well as a dock icon inspired by the scheum

Lupin also supports the automatic switch of the graphical interface from Dark to Light mode based on system settings.

From the content point of view, all the effects and edges of vintage cameras that were integrated into Analog for Mac (and iOS) are now available for Squash 3 as filter packs.

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