Originally available only in the United States, Spotify announced the launch of Podcast Subscriptions on iOS and Android in 33 other global markets, including Italy.

Content creators outside the United States can now offer podcasts for subscribers only and monetize in a completely new way.

In addition, for creators who had already had access to Podcast subscriptions, audience now also extends to the non-US public.

Subscription podcasts can be registered through a variety of entry points: first of all Anchor, the platform acquired by Spotify in 2019; by Spotify itself; and by other listening platforms.

Clearly, this is not just a new opportunity for monetization for podcast producers.

Listeners around the world can now offer direct support to their favorite authors and, in return, get exclusive content or benefits, such as bonus episodes, early access, playback without advertising and much more.

The content available exclusively in subscription can be played via devices, iOS or Android, and compatible playback apps.

Content creators can choose from 20 price options as well as send emails to subscribers (those who have opt-in for communications), in order to further cultivate their own community of listeners.

At the moment • announced Spotify • • no fee is yet available for publication on the platform, and content creators keep all revenue (except transaction fees).

This will be until 2023, when Spotify intends to introduce a 5% fee for access to this function.

Up until then, there are no platform costs: podcast makers receive 100 percent of their revenue from subscription until 2023.

You can set your subscription offer in a few minutes and manage all aspects from a single place, Anchor’s web dashboard.

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