Spike email app takes a further step towards the realization of the company’s vision of an all-in-one productivity and collaboration ecosystem, with video meetings integrated directly into the email box.

Now, the Spike development team announced, the user can manage all of his emails, chats, collaborations and video meetings in one place: his own Inbox.

In Spike’s view, the user’s e-mail box is essentially his hub of activity. All the information needed for the job goes through it: activities, meetings, files, requests and more. This makes the Inbox the first and last place to which each user refers every day to do their job.

While the mailbox has evolved over the years, not all email platforms, according to Spike, provide a complete solution for the workflow, to help users save time and avoid changing contexts continuously.

On your device the user may have separate applications for activity monitoring, calendars, document sharing, video meetings and more, which interrupts the workflow and complicates the workday.

And that’s the gap Spike’s gonna fill. With an environment designed to optimise productivity, Spike’s development team believes that work should flow in a consistent way.

For this reason, he designed a unified workspace that allows users to seamlessly switch between emails, chats, voice messages and video meetings in one window, making the workflow experience pleasant and efficient.

With Video Meetings Video integrated into the Inbox, you can start or participate in a video meeting with just one click and switch from text to voice message to video call, all from your inbox. Without having to change apps and context.

The Spike app thus combines all the main forms of communication of the team in the e-mail box, which works seamlessly both for internal and external communication.

With the ability to make audio calls and video meetings from the Inbox, instead of using multiple apps to do your job and communicate with your team, Spike provides everything integrated into one app.

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