The transcription services are used by companies, professionals and private users to convert voice files, or video talk, into text documents.

This transcription can be done by the aid of artificial intelligence or by human work.

In recent years, we have seen significant improvements in voice recognition by artificial intelligence, but this still does not seem able to compete with the accuracy and accuracy offered by a human professional experienced in transcription, especially when it includes different voices, accents and other nuances. On the other hand, artificial intelligence still offers a cheaper and faster alternative.

It could therefore be said that transcription services based on artificial intelligence and human ones have different purposes, depending on the client’s needs: they both have their validity and it is advisable to experiment both and evaluate according to what you need.

Blue Oceans Pr staff, which includes among its GoTranscript customers, one of the leading online human-generated transcription and translation agencies, have compiled a list of the best human transcription services based on artificial intelligence of the

Human-based transcription services

The…human-driven services offer a higher rate of accuracy, due to the ability of the human ear to understand and interpret different accents and spoken, outside of a pre-programmed vocabulary. Their increased attention to quality often attracts clients from academic, medical or legal sectors, as well as from financial, media and film industries. Human transcription services often go hand in hand with translation services, where often interpretation activity is also required. When choosing the best provider, it is recommended to check the accuracy, costs, language support and availability of apps.


GoTranscript has a 99% accuracy rate and offers translation services in almost 50 languages. Its user experience features offer users the opportunity to edit transcriptions via a dashboard on the service website or mobile app. The service can also return a transcript in just six hours. GoTranscript specializes in subtitles and niche services, including transcriptions for insurers, religious, market research as well as medical and financial. Prices start at 0.64 euros per minute and the service has a four-star rating on TrustPilot.

Available on desktop, Android and iOS.


Scribie is a popular service thanks to its high precision rate of 99%. However, the service can become expensive, as additional costs may be charged depending on the characteristics and quality of the registrations. The delivery time of a transcript is usually five days, but can be accelerated at an additional cost. Scribie also offers a free version based on artificial intelligence, which has a slightly lower accuracy rate, about 95%.

Available on desktop.


iScribed is one of the most competitive human transcription services, at a cost of $0.89 per minute. It offers options for subtitles and translations, and specializes in medical, legal and general transcription. It also offers content writing services. Delivery time is usually about 48 hours.

Available on desktop.


Rev is one of the most competitive human transcription services on the market, with costs starting at $1 per minute. It also offers translation services and subtitles. Transcriptions are usually delivered within a minimum of 12 hours, but the time can be reduced to 4 at an additional cost. For customers who want to use the digital option to save time, a version of Rev based on artificial intelligence is also available.

Available on desktop, Android and iOS.

Artificial intelligence-based transcription services

Services enhanced by artificial intelligence target users focused on fast delivery times and lower costs rather than accuracy, although errors can often be corrected if identified through a set of embedded editing tools of these services. Customers should evaluate tools for change, accuracy and cost when choosing a supplier of this type.


Thanks to low costs, $0.10 per minute, and fast delivery times, just five minutes, Themes is popular among users with tight budgets and deadlines. It has also over-performed similar services, such as Trint and Otter, in terms of effectiveness with background noise and a sound full of slang terms. All errors within the transcription were also solved thanks to the software transcription editor, easy to use.

Available on desktop, Android and iOS.


Trint offers voice-to-text software that can understand and transcribe a number of English accents as well as 27 languages globally. However, it is less accurate and more expensive than services like Themes, due to its price of $15 per hour. Its desktop version also allows editing of multiple users.

Available on desktop and iOS.

Transcribe – Speech to Text

Transcribe – Speech to Text is an iOS transcription app, designed exclusively for iPhone and iPad. The app can be used as a voice recorder for free, but you need a payment to unlock the audio and video transcription features. Transcribed audio and video files can also be exported and opened to any compatible app within Apple’s iOS ecosystem. The cost is on a monthly basis, instead of per minute or per hour: $10 per month for three hours of transcription or $29.99 per month for 10 hours.

Available on iOS.


Otter has become popular thanks to its competitive price and easy-to-use app, whose user experience does not differ between desktop devices and iOS and Android. The free version of Otter offers users 600 minutes of transcription per month: if it takes more time, a premium plan with 6,000 minutes is available. Users of the free version also have full access to the desktop version and app. Transcriptions can be modified via the app or website, in case of inaccuracies or errors.

Available on desktop, Android and iOS.

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