Spark is an email client that has gained popularity among users of Apple, iOS and macOS platforms.

We talked here about the latest update of the app, which introduced further improvements in the management of email on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Readdle, the developer of Spark, has now also made available the Android version of the email client. Lupin is now free to download, on their respective stores, for Android, iPhone and iPad, and Mac.

Next to the Free edition, there is also the Premium version of Spark, which adds advanced features for teams and more. In addition, an Enterprise edition is available by contacting the developer for large companies and teams.

Inbox Zero, with Spark

Spark is designed to support users in maintaining full control of incoming mail. The intention of the app is to help achieve the target of the Inbox Zero. This is an email management approach that aims to keep your Inbox empty or almost empty for most of the time. And therefore make available for more profitable activities the more often engaged time in managing e-mail.

This is achieved by making available to users a series of features targeted to the purpose. Like Smart Notifications, which help to reduce background noise by intelligent notifications. Or like the Smart Inbox, which shows important emails first, so we focus on what matters.

Spark offers a whole range of tools that allow you to quickly manage incoming mail and reach Inbox Zero. Among them: snooze, delayed sending, reminders, integration with third-party tools, quick responses, smart search and much more.

In addition, the app provides collaboration and sharing tools for teams. For example, the editor to compose emails in collaboration with colleagues or direct links to specific emails.

A modern and productive experience

Readdle explicitly stresses its intention to offer the best possible experience in both personal and work emails, in teams. Moreover, software house specializes in software for productivity, such as Scanner Pro, Documents and PDF Expert.

Developers identify the main problems of email nowadays. These are: an overloaded Inbox, the difficulty in identifying what is really important, the almost impossible to collaborate with the team with the email.

Readdle’s goal with its client is to address these problems. First, with as much email experience as possible without unnecessary distractions, so that the user can focus on important activities.

Assign priority to emails and focus on what is important are two of Spark’s main trends. As well as providing professional tools to manage e-mail quickly and productively. And to introduce an effective Team Collaboration also in the environment of the email.

This just launched is the first version of Spark for Android. Readdle has already announced, at the same time, that it is working to achieve the equality of functions between iOS and Android as soon as possible. In the coming months, additional features will be introduced in Spark for Android. Features such as integration with third parties, calendar, templates and more.

More information is available on Spark’s website at this link.

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