Siemens Digital Industries Software announced the release of Solid Edge 2020, featuring new augmented reality features, enhanced validation tools, model-based definition and 2D nesting, to increase collaboration and fully digitize the process from design to production.

The new augmented reality features of Solid Edge 2020 allow you to visualize the design intent in new ways, promoting collaboration both within the company and with suppliers and customers, throughout the design process.

Advanced validation tools have been integrated to perform motion and vibration simulations that allow customers to reduce the use of expensive prototypes.

The introduction of the Model Based Definition also allows you to fully define parts, assemblies and production instructions directly from the 3D model in digital format.

2D nesting features have also been added to optimize cutting patterns, reduce waste and costs and accelerate manufacturing processes.

Siemens lets you know that Solid Edge 2020 introduces hundreds of CAD improvements including new sheet metal features, 3 to 10 times faster performance for large assemblies, new data migration tools and other new features across the portfolio.

Thanks to these improvements, according to Siemens, the software is easy to use, implement and maintain, as well as to promote the evolution of the product development process in all its aspects.

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