The lockdown caused by the Covid-19 emergency did not damage the working situation of Italian freelance developers.

This is what emerges from the survey conducted by the Turin startup BitBoss, with the intention of taking a photograph of the ecosystem of software developers in Italy.

The analysis of the results obtained from the research showed that, unlike other professions, measures to control contagion have led to an increase in the volume of requests for collaboration made to those who carry out the profession of developer in their own.

35.5% of the sample interviewed claimed that there was an increase in the amount of work.

Only 17.3% admits that they have suffered a negative decline during the months of lockdown, while the remainder claim that they have not faced significant changes.

The sector’s budget is therefore largely positive.

Tommaso Salvetti, CEO and co-founder of BitBoss, believes that with high probability, the positive impact on the freelance developer sector was caused by the drive to digitalization implemented by the companies that have seen changing consumption habits

What Freelance Developers Do and How They Earn in Italy

Freelance developers in Italy mainly develop web solutions (development of websites and web applications), Mobile applications and Desktop computer software.

About 25% of the developers interviewed had a degree consistent with the profession they had undertaken.

They work mainly from home for final clients and companies that deal with software development. Over 25% of respondents say they develop for more than 50 hours a week. Only 8.8% would leave the freedom of self-employment for the greater security of employed employment with certainty.

71% of developers with more than 5 years of experience never charge gross daily rates below 150€, while 52% never fall below the 200€ per day threshold.

The developer’s work and smart working

The vast majority of BitBoss respondents work for clients distributed across the whole national territory, while over 30% of respondents work from Italy with clients located across national borders.

Among the developers with employee contract (even if the subject of the survey) the smart working is extremely widespread and desired. Only 10.2% of them say they never work remotely and 72% say they want to work more in this way. In this area, lockdown has given impetus to already widespread work patterns, and will become more and more normal in the future.

All results obtained through BitBoss’ research will be made public in aggregate and anonymous form on the website

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