The trend of social video continues to grow at an invigorating pace and also Vsco, a creative tool and community for photography but now more and more also for the video, is preparing to ride the moment.

After all, Vsco is a very closely linked app (available on the App Store and Google Play).

The Free version of the app offers standard photo editing tools but the Vsco Membership, paid subscription, also provides video editing tools, as well as a large collection of presets and an advanced toolbox for photo editing.

Not only that: Vsco is a popular tool for professional figures related to social media based on images and videos: marketers, influencers, creators, social advertising planners and so on. Those who are involved in social marketing such as Instagram, to give visibility to a brand, product or initiative, often use creative tools such as Vsco.

In addition to all this, the app not only allows you to share content on the most popular social channels, but also has its own community of creators.

In the wake of Instagram, Tik Tok and Byte

The development team has now announced that it has expanded the toolkit available to members of the Membership with the possibility to publish videos to share them with the Vsco community.

The developers of the app somehow confirm, from an internal observation point to this market, the explosion we are witnessing with Tik Tok and Byte of the social video phenomenon.

In the last year, they announced, they saw the video editing double on Vsco, even without the possibility to post videos directly on the platform. This possibility, the development team points out, is an addition that the same community has strongly requested and is now made available as an exclusive function for subscribers.

Publish a video to share with the community is a quick and easy task: just select a video, tap the Post pusher and add a caption.

This new feature is already rolling out globally on iOS, while it will arrive on Android in the coming weeks. The Vsco development team also said that it will continue to make improvements to this sharing experience, including the possibility (–very soon, it is emphasized) to add favorites and republish videos.

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