The SMS service for companies is a complement to the sending management and opens the door to a two-way communication channel both to smartphone owners and old mobile phones.

The Skebby mobile marketing professional services platform accelerates migration from physical to virtual SIM to enhance online SMS reception.

Now Skebby allows you to choose between two different options to receive SMS: a shared number to be associated with a keyword (the best choice for basic need), a dedicated number via virtual SIM, which compared to the traditional physical ones have the advantage of being more stable and

In addition, virtual SIMs allow you to receive up to 30-40 SMS per second, compared to only 6-8 messages per minute of traditional SIMs.

confirmations of participation in events, participation in activities, customer care support requests, delivery orders, appointment management, shift organization. The SMS reception service of Skebby, in addition to allowing you to consult in a more practical way via web the incoming messages, is used for various actions: receive events, activities, customer care requests, orders, management, organization

The ability to set specific rules allows you to send automatic answers, forward text messages to a specific email address and also ensures the real-time reception of messages without the need to connect to the appropriate online platform.

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