L’SMS marketing is a perfect tool for brands that try to get their message across, connect with customers and at the same time increase revenues: it can be a game changer for the success of a company.

However, there is a very thin line between success and annoying and distracting users.

Preventing the second hypothesis and helping e-commerce companies to design and manage SMS programs that maintain high engagement and customer loyalty is the mission that has been given Postscript, a company that recently announced to have collected a

The Postscript solution is provided with tools designed to quickly grow a list of subscribers for marketing via SMS. Postscript helps companies collect subscribers to the checkout list, on landing pages, using mobile pop-ups, QR codes and through integrations with partners.

These integrations are used to seamlessly connect marketing via SMS to your customer service platform, email marketing, the cart of the e-commerce and more.

Postscript integrates first with Shopify: since 2018 it has been distributed in the Shopify App Store. Since then, the company has focused exclusively on Shopify, focusing its efforts in that direction and resisting expansion to other platforms and other use cases that were not l’e-commerce.

The reason for this focus was Alex Beller, Co-Founder and President of Postscript. With text messages, he highlighted Beller, \less is more \ \ \ \. SMS is a very sensitive channel and to maximize ROI by minimizing the discomfort, a nuanced approach is required that requires concentration.

Building exclusively for Shopify helped Postscript go deeper than in width, which has manifested itself in dozens of ways and features: integrations, APIs, segmentation/targeting and so on.

This commitment to build the best possible SMS Marketing Platform for Shopify brands has paid off, as Postscript has recently also been included in the Shopify Plus Certified Technology Partner program.

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