smeup has signed an agreement for the acquisition of 100% of the shares of the company VM Sistemi S.p.A. Faenza, specialized in infrastructure, cloud, security and application solutions for companies.

For over 30 years, 64 employees, VM Sistemi has developed expertise in consulting services specialized in infrastructure, cloud, security and application solutions for companies that operate in the distribution, in particular, of electrical equipment, hydrothermals, consumer electronics and iron

With the acquisition of VM Sistemi, smeup, which has 14 other locations in northern and central Italy, with 460 employees and 2,450 customers in Italy and around the world, it strengthens its presence in Emilia-Romagna, where the company is already present by almost

The choice to grow for external lines passing through long-term industrial projects, continues in this 2021 after the acquisition of the branch of company Archivist, ASI of Padua and the entry into the share capital of Project 6.

This strategy has contributed over the years, and will continue to do so in the next few years, to the sustainable development of business performance.

For Dario Vemagi, CEO and CTO Smeup ICS, a note is given, Smeup ICS has many years of experience in infrastructure projects, Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and IT Security and VM Sistemi offering side is configured in perfect continuity and completion on the issues related to the aspects of Data Center and Security, strengthening also our position

As a guarantee of continuity, Gian Domenico Ceroni and Bruno Camaggi, President and Vice President of VM Sistemi, will enter the social structure of smeup, maintaining the current tasks and operating directives. The roles of all employees will remain unchanged.

smeup, the new brand

With a view to continuous renewal, it presents itself with a new brand that intends to represent, even at a visual level, what in 30 years of history the group has built: an aggregation of companies, people, skills, knowledge.

The new brand abandons the definition of… Group… remains only smeup.

With the new brand comes a new logo and a new color: red, always the color representative of smeup, changes in a darker, very intense tone, to emphasize the character of strong solidity, reliability and competence of the company. To red, other colours are added, with the aim of representing the different elements that characterize it and adding a whirlwind of energy and innovation.

In this path, also the new payoff Powered by data. Driven by people aims to strengthen the identity and values of the company: for smeup, the potential of the use of data acquires strength only when it is accompanied by the value and skills of the people who work there.

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