If smart working means implementing processes enabling agile work, the point of view of a Network Operation Center like that of Vem Sistemi can be straight to understand the dynamics below.

It is, in fact, a privileged observatory that every day collects hundreds of support tickets and analyzes almost 100,000 events/alarms, indicates the main problems that companies are facing during this period.

As Giovanni Toscani, Head of Managed Services of VEM Sistemi, explains, in recent weeks more than doubled the requests for the activation of smart working solutions, the main vendors of the sector have joined the Digital Solidarity plan

• Only in the last 15 days • • Toscani reveals • We have activated about fifty companies for a total of over 10,000 people who had the urgency to be immediately connected to work

To ensure business continuity in an emergency environment, you need to quickly activate a secure, controlled and accessible digital workspace for all business users.

When the activation request arrives, explains Toscani, the team must first carefully analyse the situation of the company and its infrastructure to assess its capacities and adapt it to the request.

Frequently requested support in these cases concerns configuration problems, both related to the user and to the network structure; impact on the performance of the provider’s infrastructure that may be overloaded due to the amount of connected people simultaneously; need to have many more licenses available than

The activation of this type of emergency services with very limited timing leads to the need to implement superstructures on systems not designed or sized to do what is now asked of them.

Making choices in an emergency sometimes leads companies to neglect important aspects such as safety.

In the delicate role of balancing all needs to ensure business continuity, security aspects are often not considered fundamental. The emerging situation imposes choices, all too often at the expense of this factor.

The role of the system integrator is therefore crucial, because it must also focus on this issue and try, despite the emergency situation, to guarantee the customer the best possible security solutions to allow employees to work without risk even from home.

Url filtering, content security, intrusion prevention, antispam, sandbox, scan attachments and file transfer, endpoint security are just some of the recommended solutions to protect your company data that cannot run the risk of being

The most striking aspect of this situation, according to Toscani, is immediately seen in the analysis of numbers and is represented by the peak of calls received in service area, which multiplied the demand for interventions.

In particular, Toscani recorded a 50% increase for the business lines related to smart working.

It is therefore necessary to work fully to maintain the ALS and correct response times for all customers even though they had to reorganize the work system: even before the emergency Vem had also adopted the working mode in remote working, today practically 100% of the systems

On the other hand, on-site interventions must always be guaranteed with all the individual safety and protection measures necessary to allow both our specialists and customers to take no risks.

The Coronavirus emergency has pushed the adoption of remote work platforms, forcing companies to opt for this service in a massive way, urgently and in a very short time.

However, these choices will then have to be evaluated a posteriori and called into question at the end of the emergency because what was built in this particular circumstance must not be considered as the ideal and definitive realization process, which could have been carried out in normal situations.

There are no truly innovative processes in emergency. It will therefore be necessary to review the processes and solutions activated in order to be able to use them in a safe and continuous way over time, in order to ensure efficient operation. First of all, this will mean that many companies will have new generation networks and technologies if they want to keep their jobs agile.

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