Among the services and technological products that companies have made available free of charge for smart working, thanks to the digital solidarity initiative of the Minister for Technology Innovation and Digitalization, in this period of emergency dictated by the coronavirus pandemic

Zoho Remotely is a suite of cloud productivity apps, which allows users to communicate and collaborate with their teams and keep track of work even remotely.

As part of the digital solidarity initiative, the complete solution, consisting of 11 applications, is free until 1 July to allow working in smart working to people forced to stay at home by the disruptive spread of the coronavirus: you can activate the service

Zoho Remotely is a solution that is itself born in response to the policies dictated by companies and authorities, which impose the work from the home of employees. This is a necessity, first and foremost, that is to say within Zoho.

If the solution has recently been launched, it is certainly not new to Zoho’s activity in web and mobile applications, and cloud-based collaboration. Among the proposals of the software house, there is the platform of applications and services for Zoho One companies, CRM solutions and sales and marketing, apps for digital workspace and more.

As for Zoho Remotely, the suite includes 11 applications.

Among the communication tools, we find: Cliq, which allows you to communicate via chat as well as in audio and video call, Meeting, which helps to schedule online meetings, and ShowTime, training solution that allows you to conduct online training courses

As for collaboration tools, we have at our disposal: WorkDrive, online file management tool for sharing documents in teams, Projects, cloud-based project management tools, and Sprints, a planning tool

Zoho Remotely also includes remote support tools: Assist allows you to run remote support sessions and Lens allows you to provide remote support via augmented reality.

Finally, Zoho Remotely also provides traditional document writing and editing (writer) productivity apps, spreadsheets (sheets) and presentations (shows).

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