Turck Banner Italia, supplier of sensors, industrial illuminators and warning devices, bus systems and safety, today celebrates its 20th anniversary.

About the company was born exactly twenty years ago About Giuliano Collodel, managing director of Turck Banner Italia since September 2018

Turck Italia was a small subsidiary of three employees, mainly dealing with the distribution of Turck’s production agencies to German companies.

♪ I like to remember that a component of our historical core, Tiziana Fortuna, is still with us, and is the direct witness of a growth that has been disruptive in the last three years

In 2001, the American Banner Engineering, in cooperation with the German Hans Turck, decided to enter the share capital of the Italian subsidiary, which changed its name and became Turck Banner Italia.

The personnel of the newly formed joint venture German-American remained small and the activity continued to be directed mainly to the supply of components to the sales agencies. The strategy was essentially a conservative garrison of the Italian market.

In 2007 Turck Banner Italia moved. Always staying in Bareggio, it moves from the headquarters of via Adamello in via San Domenico, which still today, even though with a completely different layout, houses both the offices and the warehouse of the company.

At the time the company had more structured itself with some commercial figure, but continued to pursue the conservative strategy of the beginnings keeping on the Italian market the territorial agencies as main interlocutors.

In 2018 shareholders decided to change their mind for a real change of pace.

Turck Banner Italia had grown as a workforce and turnover but with very low growth rates and a very conservative approach to the market.

German and American shareholders aim at a more intense and aggressive presence of the company in the market. The aim is to grow in turnover, market share, reputation and reputation.

Giuliano Collodel, who had gained considerable technical, technological and managerial experience in major multinational companies, is the driving force behind this important challenge.

The profile of the company changes radically and in just three years Collodel scores a series of noteworthy results.

The number of Turck Banner Italia employees is now 30 people, an internal commercial structure that follows customers throughout the country not only by selling products but by developing solutions and by sharing the experience, capacity and deep knowledge not only of the product,

Today Turck Banner Italia is on the market strong of a structure articulated with defined responsibilities.

The national market, now heavily guarded, has begun to appreciate the quality and technology of Turck Banner Italia’s portfolio.

Sales Manager Vincent Ciminello and Fabio Seghedoni, Business Development Managers of the production areas Lighting, Sensors, Systems, Safety and Key Account Managers Sectoral Logistics and Automotive face the Italian market

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