Microsoft raised the curtain on the new Skype for the Web. You can now take advantage of the latest features of the desktop communication app in a completely renovated web environment that has been released from the test phase.

Skype for the Web requires Windows 10 or Mac OS X 10.12 or later. And it works with the latest versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. Microsoft only declares compatibility with these two browsers: no Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.

Skype’s Web Features

Skype for the Web allows you to make one-to-one or group HD video calls, even with reactions, and the call recording function is available. This allows you to capture significant or to remember passages of a conversation, or, in the professional field, to record important business meetings.

The notification panel has been redesigned. You can click on the bell-shaped icon to see the reactions to your messages. And mention them in group conversations or if someone mentioned us. All from a single centralized position. With a click on a message in the Notifications panel you then switch directly to that conversation.

With the search within the conversations you can now easily find messages in the active conversation. Just type the word or phrase we want to find in the search box.

The Chat Media Gallery, the chat media gallery, makes it easier to find files, links and photos shared in a conversation. You no longer need to scroll the chat history. Just click the Gallery, under the name of the chat, to view all the files, links and photos present in the conversation.

Not only Web

In addition to the web version, Microsoft has released the updated Distributable MSI for Skype (version 8) for Windows desktop.

This replaces the current Distributable Skype MSI, version 7, for Windows desktop. It administrators can download the new MSI file to distribute the latest version of Skype in the company.

Skype for the Web is accessible at this link.

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