Marketing, IT management and strategic management of Sisal have joined for a more effective business intelligence and real value for business.

During a wide process of digital transformation of Sisal, in fact, the department of Market Intelligence, with the support of the Strategy Directorate and the collaboration of the IT department, has manifested the need to have an advanced tool in support of the analyses of the business data elaborated by

The introduction of a new Business Intelligence system, consisting of integrated tools that can improve the usability and analysis of data, was aimed at setting up a self-service platform of advanced analytics for management.

Active since 1946 Sisal was the first Italian company to operate in the gaming sector as a State dealer. It has over 45 thousand sales outlets distributed throughout the country, a dedicated website and mobile applications.

The system had the dual purpose of allowing the creation of reports with automated processes in order to reduce the error rate and at the same time to allow resources of strategic marketing to focus on analysis activities and support to the business.

After the realization of a project in Business Intelligence area, Sisal has still addressed Avanade for the new need, as Stefano De Vita, Head of Market Intelligence of Sisal explains.

Cloud Report

The solution created by Avanade is based on Microsoft Power BI and supports an automatic process of collecting and integrating business data and external sources.

The platform allows the management to independently perform patterns analysis and • What-If analysis in multidevice mode, i.e. from PC and mobile, with a deep level of detail. Everything is safe with the Office 365 cloud solution.

The data allow for final analysis and trend analysis of the market, business and products/services of the company.

With this new Business Intelligence platform, the main benefits are both the market intelligence team and the data-based user and analyzer.

The Sisal Market Intelligence Department has thus reduced the time spent on reporting from 10 days to 1 day.

The company management thus manages to have data more quickly ( practically just available from sources), on a secure platform, always available and updated, with the possibility to carry out articulated analysis self service both of high level and of detail.

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