Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Italia proposes to accountants who are asked for tax advice concerning the impacts of certain business choices, such as taxes payable at the start of a business, the choice of a tax regime or that of the type of ownership of a company

SimulTax contributes to the growth of the automation of the professional studio and the effectiveness of the work and allows the professional to obtain with simplicity, precision and real time the tax simulations useful to the advice on taxes and taxes.

SimulTax is immediately usable and without any training, it offers precise elements for a discussion between professional and customer on the opportunities of one choice rather than another, thanks to the automatic cloud update of tax parameters based on new regulations, thus avoiding the complicated maintenance of Ex sheets

The import of data useful for simulations, alternative to manual insertion, is done directly by standard telematic files produced by all software solutions that manage tax declarations giving us a usability at the highest levels.

SimulTax is in fact a platform where Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting plans to integrate additional functional extensions that will support regulatory developments and currently consists of three applications.

The first is For advice to start-up, the professional can, for example, immediately provide the calculations of the costs that the newly created company must bear or can prepare the presumed income account with calculations of taxes, taxes and social security contributions and welfare contributions.

The application • Forfectory Convenience • allows the professional to guide the customer in the choice of the most adherent tax regime by automatically comparing the tax and contribution burden scenarios.

• SRL convenience simulates the tax and contribution burden for a limited company limited liability company to identify the most convenient mix compared to various assumptions.

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