Siemens Digital Industries Software leverages Mendix’s low-code development platform to help customers across all sectors create customized solutions and help enable data-based and IIoT decision-making processes

With the general availability of Mendix Data Hub and the new Mendix for Industrial Edge services, Siemens can help customers achieve end-to-end vision of their plants, and provides experts with useful information through solutions that have been developed with correct data

The Mendix platform extends the Xcelerator portfolio with the ability to create applications with innovative user experiences and share data from anywhere, on any device, on any cloud or to realize the benefits of digital transformation more quickly.

One key objective for digital transformation is the automation of factories, which can however be slowed down by the physical and organisational distance between operations

technology (OT) and the organisations co-localized at the factory premises and IT organisations that have their headquarters at the company headquarters.

The new Mendix for Industrial Edge platform allows factory operators to create customized low-code applications that are run locally as Edge Apps.

These apps collect data, have access to detailed information almost in real time and provide optimal user experiences to a variety of end users. The Mendix low-code platform is designed to abstract a large part of the complexity and expand the talent pool for the development of IoT applications, further allowing the most qualified resources to address the most urgent problems with limited IT intervention.

Business developers, software engineers and plant operating staff can now create Siemens Industrial Edge Apps without programming skills.

In combination with Siemens’ MindSphere, l’IIoT as a Siemens service solution and other Xcelerator cloud solutions, customers can quickly realise the benefits of a fully integrated edge to cloud experience.

Different legacy systems, containing data in various formats and assets that support complex physical models, can challenge companies in providing developers and engineers with secure access to the right data.

To help organizations identify, understand, use and manage data from all over the company and use it in software development, business intelligence and other data-rich applications, Siemens announced the availability of the Mendix Data Hub.

In combination with the Mendix low-code development platform, Mendix Data Hub can help organizations achieve a drastic reduction in application development times, as developers don’t waste any more time looking for the right data, looking for the owner of the

Initially, Mendix Data Hub will connect to the most common industrial data sources, such as Teamcenter software and SAP, with future versions that will expand support for other common data services and databases and industry-specific applications.

Mendix Data Hub can also be extended by eQube Data-as-a-Service of eQ, within a newly expanded partnership between Siemens and eQ Technologic, with a rich set of over 60 intelligent connectors, providing support

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