Siemens and Sap have announced a new partnership that will take advantage of their experience in the industrial field and will bring together their main software solutions for the management of the product life cycle, the supply chain and the asset management to make innovations and models of collaborative business that accelerates

Thanks to this agreement, both Sap and Siemens will be able to complete and integrate their respective offers to offer customers the first truly integrated and enhanced solutions for product life cycle management (PLM), supply chain, services and assets. This will allow customers to form a true digital thread that integrates all virtual models and simulations of a product or asset with real-time business information, feedback and performance data throughout the life cycle.

The silos between design and business have existed for decades in companies. This new partnership will help customers break down these silos so that manufacturers, design teams and service managers have the information they need to quickly create and manage customer-centred product and service offerings.

In the future, both Sap and Siemens will be able to offer new solutions that combine their technologies to help companies reduce time to market by exploiting data generated from Industry 4.0 scenarios and using intelligent resources and products. This will also offer organizations the advantage of integrating customers’ insights into product development through a comprehensive solution, ranging from product design to service to asset management. As a first step of the partnership, Sap will offer Siemens Teamcenter software as a basis for collaboration during the product life cycle and data management and Siemens will offer Sap Intelligent Asset Management and Sap Portfolio and Project Management software Both companies will work together to develop end-to-end life cycle applications with the aim of helping customers achieve a continuous digital thread that improves overall business results.

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