Shopify and have announced that they have signed a strategic partnership to make it easier for American merchants to sell to consumers in China.

With a population of 1.4 billion people, Shopify points out, China is the largest ecommerce market in the world.

A Chinese online shoppong market, which GlobalData estimates will be worth $3,300 billion by 2025, that is more than five times the US ecommerce market.

The eMarketer estimate is that over half (52%) of all retail sales in China in 2021 can only come from the ecommerce.

Despite this enormous potential , China has often remained

Regulatory and logistical barriers, as well as complex prices, duties and translations, can be discouraging to face for all brands, except for the larger ones.

The partnership between Shopify and aims to unlock the world’s largest ecommerce market for merchants, giving them access to one of China’s leading marketplaces.

Allowing marketers to easily present their products on the JD Worldwide transnational ecommerce platform, this new sales channel opens up access to 550 million active JD customers in China, who buy products from brands around the world.

Compared to the 12 months typically required by foreign brands to start selling in China • Shopify • • Shopify • • Shopify

To support the merchants in their effort to start selling quickly in China, the channel will primarily provide accelerated onboarding.

Then, a logistics that manages the end-to-end fulfillment from the US JD warehouses directly to consumers in China. All this, exploiting the cargo flights China-USA, over 1,300 warehouses and over 200,000 delivery personnel in China of

The new sales channel created by the partnership between and Shopify will then provide the conversion of smart prices into local currency based on exchange rates, typical prices of the categories, VAT and consumption taxes.

Finally, an intelligent translation of the names and descriptions of the products.

JD Marketplace is part of a broader strategic partnership between Shopify and, which aims to solve the challenges of transnational trade through product sourcing, sales and logistics for merchants in the United States

This sales channel is now available for American Shopify merchants.

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