The alliance between Satispay and Shopify is starting in Italy, in advance of other European markets, to promote the development of the ecommerce activities of Made in Italy companies, providing them with the tools to manage their business with

Under the agreement, all the merchants who have chosen Shopify for their online store will be able to accept payments from the community of over 1 million 800 thousand users of Satispay worldwide.

For Satispay, the collaboration with Shopify, which in Italy in 2020 more than doubled the online windows, strengthens the garrison of the ecommerce channel, which offers access to a further payment system with a user experience

At the same time, the alliance is a way for over 160,000 exhibitors who already use Satispay (of which 15,000 are ecommerce) to adopt for their business an omnichannel strategy that plans to quickly create online stores, to be joined to those offline

How Satispay works on Shopify

Shopify’s Italian merchants can integrate Satispay into the unique Shopify dashboard, making the process of accepting payments fast and easy for the end consumer.

Paying online with Satispay is simple: when you check out, just select Satispay as a purchase mode, scan the QR Code or enter your phone number and confirm your purchase directly from the app.

The transaction is immediate and the receipt is available in the profile section of the app without the need to enter any passwords.

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