The Sesa Group has acquired 55% of the capital of Palitalsoft through its subsidiary Var Group, head of the group software and system integration sector, which, with a human capital of over 60 resources, offers software solutions and digital transformation to local public companies, in support of the

Palitalsoft brings in dowry to Var Group approximately 700 customers: Municipalities, Provinces, Regions, local authorities such as the Port Authority of Genoa and Naples, the Authority Guarantor of the Competition and the Market and multi-utility like Iren.

The acquisition of the company with four locations (Jesi, Potenza Picena, Modena, Usmate Velate) is carried out by Var Group through the subsidiary Apra and will contribute to the results of the Sesa Group from January 2021, with annual revenues of

This is the fifteenth acquisition since January 2020 for Sesa, based on a price in line with the EV/Ebitda parameters (4,75 x Ebitda normalizzata) of reference generally applied in this type of transaction.

Var Group thus strengthens its position as a reference player in the ERP & Vertical Solution sector, with a perimeter of revenues of over 150 million euros, 1,000 human resources and about 6,000 customers on the national territory, in support of the digital transformation of the Italian economy.

The operation involves the valorization of human capital and the involvement in the management of the CEO of Palitalsoft, Alessandro Marilungo, with growth objectives and generation of sustainable value in the long term.

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