The reality of work, strongly conditioned by a year dominated by the pandemic, has changed deeply.

With the slow return of the emerging situation, a scenario is emerging in which hybrid work will probably be the solution of election for many organizations.

How is the HR adapting to the new normality?

Antonio Rizzi, Director, Solution Consulting ServiceNow Italy

Rizzi stressed that in these months ServiceNow has supported numerous organizations in the digital transformation of the relationship with its employees.

The centricity and the multichannel digital experience are essential to stimulate productivity and maintain a sense of belonging in a hybrid work model where contact with employees is even more vital, and we are only at the beginning, because especially the HR

What solutions do you facilitate for organisations, dealing with distributed labour forces and increasingly diversified working hours, between presences in the premises and remote work?

Antonio Rizzi said ServiceNow is the platform for digital workflows. From HR management of employees, up to that of relationship with end customers, our solutions have been adopted for the digitisation of business processes and for the application of a low-code/no-code approach to any process.

In a world where work is fluid and collaborative in heterogeneous ways over multiple channels, digital workflows are the key to ensuring that work flows smoothly, maximizing productivity, with the slightest psychological impact on user experience, which is why the user is not able to work without a single job. According to the company, videoconference is not enough to make the hybrid model a successful model.

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