Seon is a startup with headquarter in Budapest that exploits the power of artificial intelligence technology to protect companies’ business from fraud.

The Hungarian startup has given itself a clear and ambitious long-term mission and goal: to eradicate online fraud.

Seon’s founders started this adventure because they felt that the market lacked innovative anti-fraud technology that was effective and not too expensive, a type of solution that is appreciated and required by small and large companies.

From the start, the development team focused on the technological aspect of the solution. The company’s products, Seon explains on its website, have been designed to overcome legacy solutions, whose costly integrations and tools for analysing outdated data are not able to meet the needs of small businesses.

The startup wants to develop and propose more agile tools, which would offer better results and with faster implementation.

Seon’s fraudulent management solution is designed to help online companies reduce costs, time and challenges due to fraud. A solution that simplifies fraud management so that a business can focus on what really matters: to grow and thrive its business. And that, for a global multinational leader in the financial sector as well as for a small startup of e-commerce.

Seon’s proposal seems to convince the market. Last month the company closed its second and most important round of financing, with a result described as a huge success. With €10 million in a Serie A round, Seon has set a new record for a Hungarian startup.

And with its artificial intelligence-based fraud detection solution, Seon is also meeting the appreciation of important customers, such as Air France, Avis and Patreon, who are starting to use the products of this promising startup.

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