Dropbox has started the beta program of the Dropbox Transfer service, which allows any user to send files, or groups of files, even large, up to 100 GB.

The new service is not yet generally available for everyone: this link can be registered to the waiting list to participate in the beta version, bearing in mind that at this stage software, functionality and services have not yet completed their development cycle and are still tested and evaluated.

Dropbox is among the most popular services of file hosting and cloud storage.

Of course, files, in the work environment as well as personal, as well as storing them, are often necessary to share them.

Dropbox offers sharing and collaboration tools, but sometimes you just want to send something to someone without having to worry about permissions, accesses and more.

For this reason, one of the most popular tools is still email, e-mail.

However, even with the…jumbo Features that many providers now offer, it continues to present problems in managing large files and in the collaborative process of sending and receiving.

It is on the basis of these considerations that the company has decided to introduce Dropbox Transfer, to offer a quick, simple and secure way to send large files to anyone.

The intention of Dropbox with Transfer is to provide a tool for file transfer that offers the same convenience as the email, without its limitations in the size of the attachments. With Dropbox Transfer, explains the company, you can send up to 100 GB of files.

The user can simply drag and drop files from the computer or add items stored in Dropbox.

Once you create the transfer, you get a link that can be glued anywhere and sent to anyone, even to someone who does not have a Dropbox account. You can also send an email generated automatically, directly from Transfer. The recipients, explains Dropbox, will receive copies of the files, so the originals will remain unchanged.

Dropbox Transfer is not limited to the trivial transfer but also offers some additional options. You can add, edit or remove a password as well as set and change an expiration date, even after sending the link.

In addition, download notifications allow you to verify that the files sent have been received. The user can also see how many times access to his/her link has occurred, with the display statistics.

Dropbox Transfer also allows you to create a custom download page for your company, so as to offer a professional look. You can change the background color and the artwork, or upload your own image, as well as branding the page with your company logo, to present a custom file transfer functionality.

Dropbox Transfer, as we said, is currently in beta version, available for selected users: the company informs however that the service will soon be available for all Dropbox users. More information at this link.

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