Security governance to enable digital transformation

Many new features are coming for Micro Focus, which illustrated the strategic and technological directions for the near future during the 2020 edition of Universe, the annual event taking place in virtual form due to the coronavirus.

The company continues to strengthen its position as a enabler for Digital Transformation, driven by an increasingly wide range of offerings, driven by the growing success of Security Risk & Governance solutions.

•Many companies are today facing complex conditions characterized by a multigenerational technological environment, heterogeneous processes and different models of development – explained Stephen Murdoch, chief executive officer of Micro Focus -. In such complex scenarios, understanding how to innovate is not easy. Digital transformation offers wide opportunities but sometimes Digital Transformation projects fail over complexity because they fail to make processes sufficiently agile, to contain costs and to ensure an adequate level of security. It is important that companies embrace transformation in a strategic and pervasive way, involving processes, people and technologies.

The 4 key areas of Micro Focus for Digital Transformation

It is on the basis of this premise that Micro Focus underlines the distinctive character of its proposal to achieve a successful Digital Transformation, based on a pragmatic approach organized around four key areas:

the speed of software development and release ensured by the Enterprise DevOps model;

and software release provided by the Enterprise DevOps model; the agility offered by the ability to manage hybrid IT environments;

offered by the ability to manage hybrid IT environments; predictive analysis using advanced analytics tools;

using advanced analytics tools; risk management and governance-based security.

To guarantee the effectiveness and the ability to provide answers in these areas Micro Focus can bring really significant numbers: 20 million lines of code analyzed every day by its experts to verify the safety, over 10 million tests carried out annually, a staff of 4800 engineers, all the first

Other aspects that characterize Micro Focus’s ‘value proposition’ to support Digital Transformation are the availability of a holistic set of solutions, a customer-centred approach to innovation, the choice of open and integrated solutions that do not bind the

The added value of Security Governance

Among the distinguishing aspects a prominent place is, in particular, the solutions for Security Governance and risk management, which in recent years Micro Focus has continued to expand in the name of integration and management extended to the entire life cycle (both

•Micro Focus has the widest set of integrated solutions for security, risk management and governance – observed Pierpaolo Alì, Director Southern Europe Security, Risk & Governance of Micro Focus – alongside a deep These features make it the ideal partner to help companies cope with the increased risk generated by increasing complexity and to develop a holistic and effective approach to protect users, applications and data.

Micro Focus security solutions allow you to protect data (Voltage), identity (NetIQ) and applications (Fortify), allow you to detect threats to proactive protection (ArcSight), are available in on-premise and form

As part of Security Governance, Micro Focus’s commitment focuses on the following aspects:

ensure secure access through a Zero Trust Security approach based on behavior analysis and the assignment of the minimum level of privilege required to perform their work;

have intrinsically safe and constantly immune applications developed from vulnerabilities;

protect data throughout the life cycle in any condition, either at rest, in motion or in use;

identify threats in advance and prepare rapid and effective remedy actions;

take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in a more pervasive and integrated way to create an increasingly intelligent and adaptive safety model;

simplify user experience.

To support these objectives Micro Focus has announced the extension of deployment models of its security solutions that will become even more flexible, extending the SaaS offer and support for hybrid environments.

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