The Cisco SecureX built-in and cloud-based security platform will be available in all Cisco Security products from June 30, with the aim of simplifying and improving security management.

SecureX combines the range of integrated security solutions from Cisco with the security infrastructure of companies: unify visibility, allow automation and enhance security across the network, endpoints, cloud and applications.

The security platform provides the main operating metrics and threats across the network, endpoints, clouds and applications. SecureX is integrated across the Cisco Security portfolio so that customers can access the platform’s functionality from all solutions.

Companies can automate workflows for all Cisco Security and third-party products so that they can focus on more important activities. SecureX avoids manual hours of work by automating thread hunting activity through threat information provided by Cisco Talos and other intelligence sources.

SecureX’s thread response activity allows security experts to quickly identify targets and remedy targets within minutes, matching intelligence data from different sources and telemetry data from the network, endpoints and other sources.

Why SecureX is needed According to the new CIO Perspectives 2020 study in Cisco, the two main challenges facing CIOs are security and complexity. Over two thirds of the IOCs surveyed felt that they had been over-exploited. Security leaders are fighting complexity through vendor consolidation. CISO Benchmark Report 2020 found that when faced with a cyber attack, companies with more security vendors experience longer downtime, higher costs and more data being violated.

Secure Smart Working

In addition to the simplified experience that SecureX brings with it, Cisco Security has introduced innovations and integrations to make even more secure those who work at a distance.

The company talks about the protection of the user and devices thanks to the integration between the safety of the endpoints and the MFA.

Businesses can use cloud email with greater security. Cloud Mailbox Defense for Office365 offers full visibility of email (incoming, outgoing and internal messages) with a context that strengthens protection against advanced email threats such as phishing, ransomware, spoofing, and

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