1Password Secrets Automation is the new solution to protect, orchestrate and manage the secrets of your company’s IT infrastructure, developed by the company of the well-known password manager, which in this way expands to the scope of the secret

The secret management is a theme that is currently very much felt by the IT and DevOps teams of companies. This definition generally describes the tools and methods for managing and protecting access credentials, passwords and other confidential and secret digital information (i secret, i.e.) of an enterprise’s infrastructure It.

With the addition of Secrets Automation to its portfolio, 1Password enhances its business offer and is proposed as a complete secret management solution, to protect all business secrets in one place.

Based on the feedback received in relation to secrets management, he highlighted the company, many of its customers were already storing all their secrets, including infrastructure secrets, in 1Password. They needed a way to bring these secrets of their infrastructure to the machines and services that need it.

1Password has developed Secrets Automation to address these challenges, to provide the secrets of the infrastructure when and where they are needed.

With 1Password Secrets Automation tokens, credentials and other secrets are fully encrypted, with the same security as the 1Password business password manager.

1Password Secrets Automation makes it a single source of truth. With all the secrets in one place, the company has complete visibility and verification in a way that is impossible to have when the secrets are scattered over multiple services.

In addition, the solution offers a granular access control. When access controls are too wide, companies must use too restrictive (productivity-deprecating) or too permissive (safety-deprecating) authorisation settings.

All with 1Password usability. According to the developing society, better experience means greater adoption, and greater adoption means better security. In addition, it adds 1Password, even developers deserve a good user experience.

Secrets Automation is then integrated with existing tools such as HashiCorp Vault, Terraform, Kubernetes and Ansible, with other integrations coming in. There are also ready-to-use client libraries in Go, Node and Python.

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