Scribe AI is a startup that has developed a solution to record and transcribe any meeting, transforming meetings instantly into searchable and shared video and text.

Dan Siroker, founder and CEO of Scribe AI, told the company’s website that he found out he had a memory problem and that he learned that such problems were not uncommon among people at all. Siroker also mentions studies that usually we would forget 90% of what happened just a week before.

This event gave him and his team the push to develop Scribe, with the aim of supporting people’s memory and providing a perfect reminder for every memory.

The first step to implement this vision is a product that, precisely, transforms the meetings into searchable and shared video and text. The company’s project is, from this point of departure, to expand to offer products and solutions that help recall any memory.

Scribe AI also highlights a factor on which many are pointing the spotlight and which is often called “Fatigue by Zoom”: video calls and virtual meetings require more concentration than a conversation in person.

Thanks to the fact that you don’t have to worry about taking boring notes, Scribe can help reduce the fatigue from Zoom. And this is another point that the product intends to remedy, in addition to memory.

Moreover, with all the video meetings that everyone now needs to participate in, especially in a period of smart working, having a simple way to find, highlight and share significant moments can give a big help in simplifying the workload and increasing productivity

And Scribe was designed to try to solve these points in a really easy way. Just copy and paste the link of the meeting, explains the development team, and Scribe will join the meeting and start recording and transcribing what is said by each person in real time.

You can then select a song that interests us to highlight it and share it equally easily. Scribe offers privacy controls with which everyone can decide what is registered.

In addition, Scribe also provides useful information about the meeting such as the time each person spoke during the meeting. And it can also search through transcripts for thousands of meetings to find a specific moment.

Scribe is currently available for early access, for which access is possible to register on the company’s website. Let’s imagine that for now the solution only works with English.

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