NFON takes the first step in the cloud world without losing previous investments in telephone infrastructure

While according to the latest data Istat, the large Italian companies (with more than 100 employees) would be the most likely to choose cloud services to ensure the continuity of their business, a last report of the Digital Innovation Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, demonstrates how only

A gap that is also reflected in the choice of telephone services: despite the rapid growth in the disposal of traditional telephone systems for cloud services, 58% of PBXs in Europe in 2024 will still be physically installed at companies.

Yet the switch-over to the Cloud switchboard will be an even more crucial hub in the coming years, as ISDN infrastructure in Europe will be abandoned by 2023.

For this reason NFON, the only true provider of pan-European cloud telephony services, launches Nconnect Voice, a new solution that allows companies of any size to connect existing telephone systems to the internet, making the digitalization process simple and easy to use.

In fact, thanks to Nconnect Voice, you can connect an existing traditional or IP control unit to the NFON International Carrier Network to manage incoming and outgoing voice calls in a flexible and secure way, saving up to 95% compared to the traditional PBX.

The NFON solution also allows you to integrate telephony with other Unified Communications tools, such as Microsoft Teams, promoting an even more flexible and independent communication model from the place you choose to work.

The 99.9% guaranteed speed of deployment and availability of service, thanks to the management of the SIP trunks on the NFON high-performance geo-rewinding system, ensure a smooth transition to the cloud.

Companies need only a PBX that supports the SIP protocol or, if necessary, a media gateway that will be provided by NFON.

Nconnect Voice is a service suitable for any type of company and does not provide fixed costs in addition to the monthly usage fee.

In addition, expenses will always be predictable thanks to the possibility to order the package of channels that best suits the needs of your company.

All features that make Nconnect Voice, and NFON, the best choice for a first step in the cloud in total safety.

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