The Satispay service offer is extended with Tessere, a new service that allows you to view and store documents in apps, such as the health card and the tax code, loyalty cards of supermarkets and shops, gift cards and soon also the green.

To view your cards directly in the app, simply access the

Once the cards are stored in the app you can use them at any time.

Simply click on the interest card to open it and display the barcode to be shown to the cashiers at the time of payment, or pass it under the scanner if you make the payment in the automatic cashiers.

The Tessere service is an additional important service offered to the customers of the GDO: Satispay is present on 70% of the signs, with a volume of payments processed in the large distribution through Satispay which weighs about 20% on the total volume of the last year

Weaving also complete Satispay’s commitment to pharmacies, channel with thousands of affiliates, for which it will be even faster to accept payments with Satispay thanks to the possibility to register directly in the app the health card, which can be shown at

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