If the Government decides to suspend the cashback initiative, Satispay doubles and continues to finance it on its own. It does so because the stores open up, users have become accustomed and there is a substantial need to support and feed the culture of digital payment.

Alberto Dalmasso, Ceo and co-founder of the Italian fintech support him. Those who sign up for Satispay from 1 to 31 July will therefore enjoy the same benefits for 6 months, in these terms: in the measure of 10% of the amount, up to 20 euros of expenditure, with maximum refundable that will be 2 euros per transaction (

There is no minimum ceiling for transactions and there are no daily limits.

The refund limit is set at that of the state cashback: 150 euros per semester, for a maximum of 25 euros per month.

Cashback likes users and exhibitors

Dalmasso noted that of the 10 million registered cashback users in Italy, 1.8 million are also on Satispay, and have shown that they like the initiative.

And as for the criticism directly made by the Government to the mechanism, which would reward the wealthy, Dalmasso said that there are no official data that will support this interpretation, but that if you want to reason with feelings, the 150 euros per semester are not a motivation for

The decision to finance, together with trading partners, the cashback mechanism for another six months and to follow the same approach with monthly ceiling serves to avoid the puff of the first weeks and to distribute the benefits of the mechanism, which are essentially those of getting the country used to the

It is the exhibitors (Gdo and pharmacies in the first place), said Dalmasso, who want to finance cashback, because they see electronic payments as a marketing channel and not as a source of cost.

Dalmasso acknowledged that cashback can work better, but it should not be abolished. It hopes that the government’s action will be a freeze, not a neutralization of the mechanism, and that it will be made available to a working table to perfect it.

The data support Satispay in its decision to continue to finance cashback on its own: the first half of the year was exceptional for Satispay digital payments in physical stores.

If in the first half of 2020 Satispay moved 300 million euros, in the middle 2021 it has already abundantly exceeded the figure (340 million) so that by the end of the year Dalmasso estimates to exceed the threshold of billion and 200 million euros, with beyond 35

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