Mobile payment app Satispay has expanded the Services section with automatic payments. Inserted alongside pagoPA, Telephone recharges, Car and motorbike bubble, Gift bags, savings and envelopes, the new service allows you to activate recurring payments with simplicity.

Digital subscriptions, light and gas utilities, online activable services, are all forms of payments for which Satispay can authorize a repeated charge over time.

In money, you will no longer need to enter your credit card number or sign documents to request a bank home.

How to activate automatic payments

To activate Automation Payments, you simply need to pre-authorize payment via Satispay on the service provider’s website by framing the QR code or entering your mobile number and confirming from the app.

The authorized purchase will be immediately visible within the app from which all recurring expenses can be monitored and, if necessary, deactivated.

Through Satispay Auto-Payments, it makes the e-payment process more effective even for those who sell, which now has an instant payment solution that can be easily integrated into any platform.

A simpler user experience allows service providers to increase new subscriptions and conversions between direct payments to recurring payments. In addition, the Satispay platform allows users to be notified when the recurring debit is no longer valid, thus enabling them to activate communication actions on their customers even before the subscription expires.

As Andrea Allara explains, Satispay’s Head of Business Development in a note, \on the launch of the service there are many realities that have understood the potential of automatic payments to loyalty customers and that will be in the course

Satispay has over 600,000 active users, growing at a rate of 1,200 per day, and about 70,000 service-member operators, constantly growing with 130 new ones per day.

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