At the global conference Sapphire Now, Sap revealed his vision, and the first step towards it, on the creation of the world’s largest business-to-business network, called the Sap Business Network.

It will bring together Ariba Network, Sap Logistics Business Network and Sap Asset Intelligence Network: over 5.5 million organizations will benefit from being members of this connected community, said the company.

Members of the new Sap Business Network will be able to access a unified portal to obtain a holistic view of their ecosystem of supply chain, logistics and traceability, and management and maintenance of equipment.

In the company’s vision, Sap Business Network is the first step in a path that aims at creating new business communities that can help improve business results, better navigate in changing economic and geopolitical conditions and increase the number of business opportunities.

At the same time, Sap has also announced a series of innovations designed to help customers transform business processes and improve performance, in order to achieve better results.

As part of the BPI, the Sap Process Insights solution allows organizations to analyze and improve their real business processes. EY, Deloitte and Infosys Limited are the first strategic partners working with Sap’s BPI portfolio to help organizations transform.

The Verify service, a new functionality of Sap Concur solutions, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically identify potential problems and anomalies in the expense notes. Artificial intelligence models are built from the analysis of a huge amount of known expenses and receipts.

Verify, pointed out Sap, can approve the notes expenses that do not present problems, while reporting anomalies to be examined for the auditors. This experience, fueled by artificial intelligence, means that auditors do not waste time reviewing the notes in compliance with the expenses, helping them to detect compliance problems or fraud.

Sap Upscale Commerce is a no-code online commerce solution that allows mid-size retailers to create an omnichannel shopping experience in just a few minutes.

With integrated artificial intelligence, retailers can provide customized offers based on a 360-degree view of their client, enriched by social sentiment and purchase data. With a headless API architecture, retailers can provide customers with real-time information about their purchase and delivery through any channel.

Sap Upscale Commerce is also integrated with S/4HANA to help ensure that customer experiences work with financial, logistical and fulfilment back-end systems, to offer a problem-free customer experience.

The Sap Analytics Cloud solution now offers analytics capabilities and operational workforce planning and integration with Sap SuccessFactors solutions. These features link operational, financial and people data to give organizations a more comprehensive view of their workforce.

The new data marketplace for the Sap Data Warehouse Cloud solution allows customers and partners to connect to data providers from different sectors and business lines to get insights and improve decision-making.

Sap is also expanding its low-code/no-code offer: Sap Intelligent Robotic Process Automation services can now capture and automate user interactions and integrate with Process Ins

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