Sap announced the global launch of Customer Data Platform, a new generation customer data platform (CDP) that allows companies to redefine customer experience at all levels of the relationship, from business to marketing, from sales to

Customer Data Platform offers new levels of customization based on the ability to collect and manage customer data. This allows organizations to know the customer at every point of contact, to start interesting and engaging conversations and to create faithful relationships that last over time.

The new Sap platform is specifically designed to address four key opportunities to increase brand scope and effectiveness: Connect all data sources within the company. When customer information is stored in different resources, the result is proliferation of data silos and fragmentation of customer profile.

With Sap Customer Data Platform, data can be acquired and managed by any source within the organization.

All this translates into active, unified and updated customer profiles in real time.

Respect of customer data with a holistic strategy on data privacy. Sap Customer Data Platform allows you to apply a single privacy strategy, combining incoming information to the individual profile only if the terms and conditions exist.

Understanding large volumes of data. Sap Customer Data Platform offers real-time segmentation and activity analysis indicators to get a true understanding of customer preferences and behaviour. Centralisation of audience management enables brands to offer consistent experiences with their own marketing, customization, business, services and sales solutions, all essential aspects for a customer-centred strategy.

Finally, hyper-personalizable involvements based on a complete customer view. Sap Customer Data Platform offers the possibility to combine large volumes of back-office operational data with front-office and experiential data. This feeds engagement solutions throughout the organization with information about customers easily usable and based on real-time permissions, bringing the relationship development to an appropriate level, at the right time and place, on the preferred channel and in compliance with the indications provided by the customer.

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