Just one year after Salesforce’s first streaming meeting with the industry press, the world is changing profoundly. What, 12 months ago, was lived as a time-limited setback, proved to be a dramatic game changer.

Paolo Bergamo, SVP Product Management of the company wanted to remember that only digital can allow organizations to emerge from the deep global crisis. Salesforce wanted to give the world back a part of the great success it is enjoying by donating over 60 million masks.

And the awards obtained by Salesforce leave no room for doubt. For many years she has been recognized as the best company to work for.

The numbers are impressive: turnover has almost tripled over the last 3 years, reaching over 21 billion dollars.

A report by IDC indicates in almost 20% the CRM market share of Salesforce. Suffice it to say that the second company in the same ranking struggles to reach 5%; moreover the scissors is widening year after year

The radical change in the way we work did not find Salesforce unprepared.

More, the company has assisted countless companies in a digital transition path.

The Customer 360 platform fits perfectly with the new requirements of the market. The ability to run on any public cloud allows Salesforce to be present everywhere, even in geopolitically complex areas.

The infinite scalability offered by the cloud is combined with transparency towards the customer, who enjoys the peseta without worrying about the technological background.

Salesforce, the Italian situation

Thanks to American society and its generosity, the first months of the emergency saw donations and free software for health organizations. An important act that joins the technological commitment (for example in support of the management of queues at supermarkets, which each of us remembers very well).

The pandemic brought back the social model of Salesforce to the centre of attention. Each has the company gives the 1% of revenue in charity, as well as 5600 hours of volunteering during the fiscal year.

More than 50,000 customers.org use the products for free, and 10 Italian non-profits added in the last fiscal year.

The last fiscal year saw the growth of resources employed by 37%. A strong commitment cxhe required a strong modernization of the onboarding.

The internal training platform has proved to be crucial to forming new inputs.

The growth of the ecosystem is incredible: the number of certified people has grown by 53% in a year, leading Italy to be third in Europe from this point of view.

A clear example is the project developed with Carrefour, which in full pandemic has moved its entire ecommerce from proprietary solutions on the Salesforce platform.

The benefits were evident from the point of view of scalability and customer experience.

The challenges of the Public Administration

Salesforce believes it is very important to bring digital transformation into the public administration world as well. Today, the Internet is the priority channel of contact; digital infrastructures are indeed priorities.

Enable the smart working of PAs, supporting healthcare and participating in the realization of smart cities is a priority for Salesforce. This is an economic mission but also an ethical one that will require a 360 degree effort.

The country has some excellences, but also many weaknesses, on which society will work side by side with the institutions. Moreover, the Italian manager is closing • If he does not innovate the most innovative company in the world, who will assume this burden? •

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