Since the third edition of the Report State of the Connected Customer of Salesforce, conducted globally on more than 8,000 consumers in 16 countries (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain,

The study shows that corporate values have become more important than ever and affect the purchasing choices of customers by pushing them to choose one company rather than another.

The report shows that consumers expect fast and connected experiences where preferences are recorded on multiple touchpoints and can be quickly taken into account.

In Italy 70% of customers expect connected experiences and a higher level of engagement, and 74% would like companies to interact with them in real time.

The Salesforce report reveals that corporate values influence consumer purchasing decisions, which expect companies not only to work ethically and in the interests of different communities, but also to do their utmost to pursue the causes of equal rights, to promote the development of the European Union’s internal market and

71% of Italian consumers believe that the ethics of a company counts more than a year ago and 75% actively tries to buy from brands attentive to sustainability.

Italians also want to know the position of a company on equal rights and there are already many who tend to buy from companies engaged in solidarity.

Trust has always been valuable in customer relations, but in an era marked by the vulnerability of data security, companies’ efforts to foster their customers’ trust have increased significantly.

Salesforce’s report reveals that 62% of consumers in Italy have stopped buying from brands that have acted unclearly and 51% believe that most companies are not transparent in the management of data they have.

At global level, customers believe that honesty is the best policy to gain customer confidence, and while security and seriousness act as a basic indicator for assessing the reliability of a brand, other factors such as transparency, ethics and authenticity

In Italy, 81% of customers expect companies to use new technologies to create better customer experiences.

Initiatives related to digital transformation such as artificial intelligence, new voice technologies and related devices have a greater impact on customer experience.

The 87% of the Italian Millennium uses connected devices and 63% of consumers in all age groups are in favour of using artificial intelligence to improve their customer experience.

The report is downloaded by clicking here

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