Damon Motorcycles is a Canadian start-up that aims to revolutionize the world of motorcycles making them safer and more usable thanks to the use of the latest technologies.

At the beginning of June, the company announced the completion of a 2.5 million dollar seed financing round. With these funds, Damon intends to respond to the industry’s security needs, which are critical for both customers and motorbike manufacturers.

At the heart of Damon Motorcycles’ vision is a data-driven approach aimed at building a driving experience of the bike that is supported, enhanced and increased by technology, first on the safety side.

Unlike the traditional ADAS drive assistance systems on cars, Damon’s Advanced Warning System for Motorcycles (AWSM) system, says the company, includes unreliable conditions and the Damon’s front, lateral and rear detection algorithms communicate with each other so as to form a 360° view of what happens around the motorcycle at any time.

These algorithms, Damon explains, are tested on thousands of kilometers, virtual and in the real world, before a motorcycle can detect constantly and anticipate accidents on all sides of the biker and in all environmental and traffic conditions.

With cellular connectivity, possible collision scenarios are recorded: the data is then automatically sent to a dedicated cloud platform where a sophisticated artificial intelligence engine learns and continuously creates new algorithms.

In the end, updates are re-sent to the on-board motorbike processor, with the rider being notified of the availability of an update. These updates translate into a faster and more sophisticated system, which warns you of potential dangers in a continuous cycle of self-learning.

The Damon system \ learns from every rider, from every intersection and from every situation and the ambitious goal of the company is to create a technological platform of self-learning that could lead to roads without fatal accidents on vehicles properly equipped.

To demonstrate this vision, Damon has made a motion \”proof of concept \”. The proof of concept technology platform is based on a sophisticated embedded sensor system for detecting potential collisions, consisting of various components. Added to this is a curved and flexible Oled with Android Auto OS for the rear camera, a series of alert systems, ergonomic elements, an iOS and Android app and 5G built-in connectivity, Bluetooth and

Motorcycle manufacturers, announced the Canadian company, are currently evaluating Damon’s technology for possible factory integration.

More information about Damon’s artificial intelligence-enhancing motorcycle system is available on the company’s website at this link.

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